We bring the domestic worker from their countries for you. Choose the suitable Candidate and then you have the Choice to make the following by yourself or by our PRO (Charges Apply):


Man Power Supply
Recruitment Processing

Pro-Service (Optional)

Visa Processing
Entrance Permit
Medical Examination
Identity Card
Health Insurance Card
Stamp visa on passport
Employee Traning and Orientation on Arrival
Typing Center Fee
Air Ticket fees

PRO Services

PRO means Public Relation Officer. A career in PR involves gaining understand and support for our Customer, as well as trying to influence opinion and behavior. His responsibility is to process the Following operation:

Note: *45 AED typing fees is applicable on all types of Emigartion Applications.

Basic Inclusion

Entry permit visa


* 45

AED 295

Status Change


* 45

AED 598

Emirates ID


AED 370



* 45

AED 495



VAT Tax Included

For first time in UAE

AED 300

For second time or more

AED 250


Residence overstay per day


* 45

AED 123

Visit/ Tourist Visa overstay per day


* 45

AED 276

Customer can use this Service per time, Monthly or Yearly as a contract between the customer and out company

Temporary Package

We bring opportunity for you to select the best fit for your need as Full Time Employee. You can use this Service per time, Monthly or Yearly as a contract. We provide the flexibility of Transferring Employee Visa Sponsorship.

We provide the 6 Months Revertible warranty as well. Within starting 6 Months of Service, if you feel that Employee unsuitable for you then Sponsorship can be revert back to us.

Package 1Short-Term Service Contract

Less than 6 Months Service is considered as Short-Term Service. Later In-Case, if you pleased with the Employee Quality of work and his loyalty. And you want to proceed with him for Long Term. We will transfer Employee Sponsorship to you.


Employee Transporation

Monlthy Charged (Before Sponsorship Transfer)

Visa Sponsorship Transfer

Package 2Long-Term Service Contract

Service Period of more than 6 months is Long-Term Service.


Live In/ Live Out

Employee Transporation

Monlthy Charged (Before Sponsorship Transfer)

Visa Sponsorship Transfer

Live-In Facility   :
Customer should provide Accommodation and meals to Employee.

Flexible Hours bring opportunity for you to select your preferences and try to accommodate your needs with Flexible schedule. Now You can choose any domestic worker that fit your requirement, Either in the Morning, Evening, or in two Periods per day, but per day total hours cannot exceed Eight hours.

Booking Type

Hourly(Less than 8 hours)
Six Months(Full-Time)

Note: Booking with the No of Hours Less than 8 hour will be considered Hourly Based Booking