Al Maha Housekeeping is a Tadbeer project which is an initiative by MOHRE ( Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization) for the handling of all domestic and household workers. Al Maha Housekeeping provides families with an outstanding level of service. We have a high quality staff ready to start work for you immediately

  • In order to find the best candidate for your family, we’ll take time to establish your exact requirements and lifestyle needs, we’ll guide and advise you – so you can be sure you’ll make right choice.
  • Our candidates will be handpicked to be compatible with you – saving time and stress. Each applicant will be vetted and assessed.
  • Charges are only made once you’ve agreed to hire one of our candidates.
  • Our candidates work legally in the UAE and have a cheerful, hardworking, flexible and reliable attitude.

AL-MAHA Housekeeping will be courting the local and expat families in UAE. We will be attractive to our customers because of our commitment to professional and trustworthy service. We will achieve this high level of service through extensive training and a continuous learning process

  • We specialise in supplying foreign domestic worker and carers to families in UAE.
  • The UAE Government has implemented sweeping changes to the recruitment and placement of all Domestic and Household Workers.
  • This workers are now afforded full Labour Law rights under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), to be facilitated through TADBEER Service Centres.

This is the procedure how to create their own Email and Password in TAD-BEER
1. Open the website or Mobile application of the services (TADBEER).
2. Click “Sign-In/ Sign-Up “.
3. The signup form will appear.
4. Fill the required information (Name/ Email/ Contact number… etc.).
5. Then the account will be created, and the TADBEER services welcome page will appear.

After you create your Account, you need to press Booking in Main Menu and select you chosen package and fill out the following requirements.

Our Mission

To provide skilled and professional personnel in the field of housekeeping in the UAE. To offer fair hiring for foreign domestic workers world-wide, to support families in their effective engagement and relationship management, and to train every foreign domestic worker and up-skill set in becoming the best of what they can do.

Customer Segmentation