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Flexible Hours

  • Hourly(Less than 8 hours)
  • Daily(Full-Time)
  • Weekly(Full-Time)
  • Monthly(Full-Time)
  • Six Months(Full-Time)
  • Yearly(Full-Time)

Temporary Labour

  • Long/Short Term Service
  • Live In/ Live Out Facility
  • Monlthy Based(Full-Time Service)
  • Transfer Sponsorship After 6 Months

Permanent Labour

  • Visa and Entrance permit
  • Medical Examination
  • Identity and Health Insurance Card
  • Stamp visa on passport
  • Training and Orientation


  • Medical Examination
  • Identity Card
  • Health Insurance
  • Status Change
  • Overstay Fine
Services as Permanent or Temparory Worker

Our Work

On-Demand Labour

On-Demand Labour supply with Full/ Part-time, Short term/ Long term, Live In/ Live Out Facility.

Recruitment and Placement

Includes Employee Selection, Visa and Entry processing, PRO Services and all of documents.

Training and Orientation

Provides Training and Orientation upon arrival in UAE and Conflict resolution between the employment parties